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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)stepping up to counter fake news amid UK election

According to latest publications, Social media giant Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) has increased its effort to fight bogus news with its new tool, Perspectives, which has been launched in the UK.

As per reports, It is quite simple idea, as the user hits on an election-related article, they’ll also be given information on the different policy stances of the parties running for office.

All this information is given by the parties themselves. On the other hand, if they chose not to participate, a link to the official Facebook Inc(NASDAQ:FB) page is listed instead.

This tool marks another Facebook’s weapon to direct people away from fake news at a critical time. while other actions to fight deliberately bogus news reports focused on informing the reader that the content they’re reading could be fake, Perspectives actually directs their attention away from the article.

Meanwhile there’s also the extra perks of presenting people with policy proposals, directly from political parties, rather than through a potentially prejudiced news outlet.

From the time when Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was severely slammed for refusing to accept Facebook’s role in the spread of fake news – and thus perhaps manipulating the EU referendum and US presidential election – Facebook has made some decent stride towards skipping the issue.

A rapid scan through the trending feed will demonstrate far lesser articles from uncertain news sources. evidently, working with sovereign fact checkers to point out, label and remove bogus news purveyors having an effect.

However that’s not quite sufficient, which is Facebook’s largest problem. The German government is aiming to bring in legislation that would see it fined for not quickly removing fake news and hate speech. Facebook (FB), unsurprisingly, opposes this, claiming that it will be mandatory to delete legal content in order to evade fines.

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